Friday, 19 November 2010

A small sample of the vast works of my coleague in residence. Alot of our time is spent creating various magic concoctions so we might fly the swamps resting from our funnel house 

nature has a big influence on our work as a lot of our time is spent helping small creatures down from heights, indoors surrounded by wart toads and baby cats, cant help fussing there warty throats.

visitors are sparse, they cant see the house under the sleepy eyes. when there out working we are walking astral plains of light .


some new work, id rather you click on them the larger versions are nicer3344444.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The winter comes i try my best to stay in touch
but leaves don't stay the birds decay
i smile with her

to stay in touch don't mean to much since I've been told
i mount the curb a brain refurb, i might try more

i have been expecting it for a long time in all honesty, if anything i think it was overdue -
when im flying home arachnids fall, come down my hairs.
it wasent nice!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

it was a kind of week, the ones you miss when your late
getting close to nothing in particular
but thanking before we eat
 it was a little place
in a big park
 filled with funny clowns-
and silly frowns

 we asked and heard,
 the string end morning friend

"we were visiting friends
 and saying hello

then getting stoned

and not saying much

watching the people on tv who talk faster than us
i'm still holding the cup
ignoring the sound of the ice cream truck

she had visiting moods

what it wants to be

i heard a bird in the windowpane
roll in the grass

but the comfort to know what visiting is

wanting to be friends
the way that they smell
the lights are different

the windows are-?

we were visiting mine"

Friday, 6 August 2010

In this place

There's a wounded hand
Felt a chain
Where the links met up
Round a name
In the faceless age
Cursed and pained
And your windowpane
As the lake
From one hundred friends
Wave them home
As the childhood ends
Turn it fast
As one mild day steals
Someone's soul
Into 20 years
In spirit they've vanished
And I'll show you why
They'll make you take elderly paths by this time
If we were just dolphins
In the sea and fly
It's hard to just kiss our

Child games goodbye

this is a piece called 'spirit they've vanished' from Animal collectives first album 'spirit they're gone spirit they've vanished' its the first song on the album and it does what was intended, it opens the hole thing up. the lyrics are pretty hard to distinguish and you'd understand that fully if you heard the track but its the subtlety that does it for me, these are some of the most emotive deep lyrics avey tare has produced in my opinion, its not about using big words that sound intelligent. its raw emotion, telling of age. growing up. its pretty clear David (avey tare) is coming to terms with the transition from a child to adulthood throughout this album. 'As the childhood ends' 'Turn it fast' 'Into 20 years'. when you really think about it its just incredible. ageing is just the weirdest thing, i look back on the boy i was and still am (its crazy to think you are still that very same body and that very same brain that stimulates every thought), my mind was capable of so little compared to this present moment.
he talks about childhood a lot, he speaks about it being snatched from us basically before were conscious of it its taken from us and we will never have that period back all we will ever have is the present moment and with each present second that passes we are becoming older, age is over ruling and there's nothing we can do to stop it. 'they'll make you take elderly paths by this time' I think hes talking about schools etc that are preparing us for this paths into age. It happens without question, you have a baby you take it to school when its growing and there the cycle starts again and without question (and don't get me wrong its important) but there no say in it all. Its like the world around us its pushing the child out of us there's no time to just bask in it and in this society there never will be.  There's another sentence that sends shivers through me every time i hear it 'if we were just dolphins in the sea and fly' if anyone finds themselves reading this think about that sentence, its not a riddle its just what it reads and when you can read it in that way you'll get it and there so much to get.
Everybody will age and with it
                                         the child dies.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

this one is sweet

just experimenting with some non objectional art, this one came out pretty sweet id say